to Mrs. Spectator’s Commonplace Book. This collection suggested itself as a means to avoid future cutting and pasting of links for my students with each new course, but already these pages have become a repository for much else besides. I have, in the last year or two, been collecting quite a cache on Pinterest, but there is little one can do, there, to customize or organize; Pinterest is more of a junk drawer than a card catalogue. Mrs. Spectator appreciates a good junk drawer as well as the next hoarder person, but she is also a great proponent of using the correct tools for the task. Hence this digital commonplace book. All are welcome, both to browse, and to offer suggestions.*

Library Here is the place for single items, temporary collections, and bric-a-brac. Marginalia


Library: Here you will find links to online resources, grouped in broad categories. (There is some overlap.)

Cabinet: Related to specific projects or interests, though you are welcome to have a look.

From the Renaissance to the 18th century, the cabinet of curiosities celebrated the act of collection for its own sake, in an almost haphazard accumulation of natural-history specimens and other bizarre objects. Crocodiles were hung from rafters, skulls (animal and human) vied for shelf space with toads supposedly found alive in rocks – and then there were the “mermaids”, composed of monkey torsos sewn to fish tails.

Phillip Hoare, The Guardian (13 Jan. 2014)

(And here are some images of cabinets &c, stashed on Pinterest.)

Marginalia: Scribblings.

[Images: 1, 2, 3]

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